Why Howlin’ Amp?

Our history starts in 2003 when Matej T. started with production of hiend hi-fi tube amplifiers. Matej really is a tube amp guru and his amps can prove that... he is designing everything from scratch including transformers. More about his amps can be found here http://www.trm-audio.si/

For years on his spare time he was also fixing guitar amplifiers and this is how he met Mirc C. guitar player who was also into building amps.... They started to collaborate and eventually the decision was made to start making their own brand. 

Each amp produced by Howlin Amps is hand build one-by-one using premium parts. We are also proud to say that we use in house designed transformers (PT, OT and chokes) but on request we can install any other brands as well. Although we strongly suggest our transformers… we can vouch that out transformers stand shoulder to shoulder with any other top brand out there. After an amp is finished we fine tune it and make sure it meets all the standards our amps are known for. We have a history of building many different styles of amps. We are building “British” or “American” style amps but our flag ship is definitely D- style amp.

Thanks for visiting our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, concerns or request… we are sure we can satisfy all your needs.